>>>S01 Episode 6: Gareth, Ireland


Gareth and I discuss the Ireland outside of its stereotypes, listening to the cosmopolitan changes that’ve happened and are still happening in the country.

Tracks from the Podcast:

“Emerald” – Thin Lizzy


>>>S01 Episode 5: Molly, England


This week my friend Molly and I discuss the curious political states of Great Britain in recent years through the music of a couple English artists.

Tracks from the Podcast:


>>>S01 Episode 4: Eddie, United States


Eddie and I talk about one way the concept of race is is playing out in the U.S.

Tracks from the Podcast:


>>>S01 Episode 3: Pooja, Nepal


Pooja talks to me about Nepal’s caste system and its overall easy-going nature.

Tracks from the Podcast:

“Resham Firiri” – Traditional


>>>S01 Episode 2: Dominik, Germany


This week we listen to Dominik’s words on Beethoven, being Swiss/Bavarian, and a changing Germany.

Tracks from the Podcast:

“Beethoven: Symphony #6 In F, Op. 68, ‘Pastoral’ – 5. Allegretto” – Leonard Bernstein: Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra 

“Spout”- Jonny Pickett


>>>S01 Episode 1: Daniel, El Salvador


This week I talk with Daniel about Cumbia, college and coming to America.

Tracks from the Podcast:

“A Different Mirror” – Daniel Domínguez

“Variaciones Sobre Un Torito Pinto” – Daniel Domínguez

“El Torito Pinto” – Traditional