Tigran Hamasyan

I don’t listen to a lot of music outside my established go-to stuff. In other words, it can be difficult to introduce a band or artist to me if I’ve never heard them. It usually takes some kind of trigger– like the “rule of three” in marketing: essentially, you have to be shown something three … More Tigran Hamasyan

El Rancho Night Club Band – Música de Cuba pre-Castro

To be honest, I’ve found writing about Cuban music in any form is a bit intimidating. Between its intensely distinct textures, percussion, and timeless musical influence on the U.S. and Latin America alike, looking into it can be similar to approaching classical music for the first time- overwhelming. We’ll start by checking out Cuba a … More El Rancho Night Club Band – Música de Cuba pre-Castro

譚盾 Tan Dun

To give you an idea of the breadth of creativity of Tan Dun, here is a piece he wrote to played with water. The composer grew up in a rural village in Hunan, China: He is now one of the most sought after contemporary composers in the world. Perhaps it is a bit of an offense … More 譚盾 Tan Dun

Calle 13

If you’re from the US, there’s a decent chance you haven’t heard of Calle 13. They’ve seen US stateside popularity, but their greatest fan bases seem to lie in Latin America. However if you’re form California or maybe Texas, there’s also a decent chance you’ve heard a Spanish speaking friend lay down all (or some) … More Calle 13

Hamza El Din

When I first heard the music of Hamza El Din, I was interning at Smithsonian Folkways in Washington DC. As I sat at my computer I heard something that caught my ear immediately. The sound was a cello, yet it was being played like a near Eastern instrument. I immediately went over to where it … More Hamza El Din

The Fyodorov Sisters Сестры Федоровы

I didn’t find the english speaking internet to be a wealth of information on The Fyodorov Sisters (aka The Fedorov Sisters aka Сестры Федоровы). From what I gathered, they were quite popular Russian folk singers and in fact, sisters- Catherine, Nina, Ninel and Anastasia Fyodorov. They came out the Pskov region of Russia around 1955.   The song below … More The Fyodorov Sisters Сестры Федоровы