The Fyodorov Sisters Сестры Федоровы

I didn’t find the english speaking internet to be a wealth of information on The Fyodorov Sisters (aka The Fedorov Sisters aka Сестры Федоровы). From what I gathered, they were quite popular Russian folk singers and in fact, sisters- Catherine, Nina, Ninel and Anastasia Fyodorov.


They came out the Pskov region of Russia around 1955.


The song below is called, “I Will Go to the Swift River.”

Here’s a shot from their home region of Pskov to set the mood…

Not bad eh?

There’s something strangely meditative about finding an endearing song in which the language is unknown to the listener. It becomes even more special when the translated text reflects the loveliness of the song.


The words are below the track, best read while listening to the music:


I will go to the swift river,

There I’ll sit upon the shore,

Till the night I’ll wait and shiver-

It’s my love I’m waiting for


In the meadow stands a birch tree,

In the wind it is resigned.

And my heart, oh how it hurts me

For I have no peace of mind


Oh, I sat close by the river

And I shook my weary head.

Just remember, oh my darling,

When we first met, what you said.


Oh, the river rushes freely,

But the shore clings to it tight.

I no longer wait and worry,

My love came to me tonight.


Available on Smithsonian Folkways

2 thoughts on “The Fyodorov Sisters Сестры Федоровы

  1. Yes strophic seems right. From what I found, it seems they were focused on singing poetic folk songs like this one. Perhaps off the record they sang in a church somewhere…


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